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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scene behind Window Square #1


The very first time I became an adman is when I fought with my dad over a petty issue and stopped taking money from him...and I had to pay fee for attending campus interviews in college (3000/-). So, I took a stand to earn money on my own. It was the time I dint even think what happens if I don’t earn and pay fee on time; and I just did what I wanted to! On top of it,  that very next weekend the biggest shock to all my classmates is, I got selected in Infosys, in deed it was an enjoyable shock to my parents as well :). 

I don’t have to thank god for all this, but the BDPS lady who accepted my work just to help me indirectly.

The story repeated in 2007 when I fought with my parents again and stopped taking money from them and I needed money badly...u knw the rest :)

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