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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sexy Strangers to Abject Hell

Walking down the streets that meet the hotties when the sun sets down. When the evening gets blacked out they strut into their naughty suits. They smile like a beautiful monster with more wicked thoughts to be played tonight.

It's me; only me; ogling at them, thinking of all the shit that I am put up with for a long time. Unmatched desires taking away sanity, trying to ignore the truth that i can never be one among them and so dint wanna be someone.

I can sense that future is no-fuck-proof.
I am sick of thinking and so do writing.

Miseries jammed around and watching me playing life utterly bad. Hatred took me on nerves and let me fight all alone leading to the endless frustrations that accompanied me to every loosing game.

I am lost in desperation!

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