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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hey Bloggers!

I am a friggin' bad writer :). Well, I used to be a worst writer and with so many kicks and spanks taken I am here lounging on a couch as a lazy bad writer :). I am addicted to using smileys everywhere possible :) just like this :P. Kyon ki for me life is all that has to be filled with fun :). I am not familiar with Hindi, lekin I feel so proud when I make someone believe that I knw Hindi ;). Wat ever, is this boring and you are looking for the end? Hmm okay! Here comes something you might be looking for " not The End :P". See you soon freaks :).


  1. how absurd; u make ppl believe which is not true and which makes u proud .

    U proved in a sentence that u are a bad writer absolute genius

  2. all the best!

    -- Fellow Freak :P

  3. Abhishek: You believed something absurd abt me that's not true, and that made you to see from the wrong end of the telescope! Lol!

    Keep up the heat :)

  4. Sai, its more like a chat kind of writing. Images convey a lot but only images might make readers a lot lesser :)

  5. okay, point noted Krishna :)
    Thanks for stopping by, dude!