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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I read in a book to overcome the fear you have to study the fear.

1. spot the feel deep in your mind.
2. understand whats frightening you.
3. analyse why it is. And find how sensible your thoughts on it are. or is it an illusion or presumption, etc.
4. and do something that you are scared of.

I did two things which I was quite frightened of. One of them is photo shoot in graveyard. It was a tough call for me; to drive myself there when I had someone deep inside me saying that there is no real necessity to take the risk of frightening yourself. While I was photographing in the grave, in between the lens got blurred, as if there are dew drops on my camera lens; that happened consecutively for two times and that frightened me. I just held my breath for a moment and stopped thinking what I was and started to observe how I am feeling inside. Some sense said that its something wrong with the camera and nothing else to do with the location and timing. After I am done with all capturing work I started contemplating is there anything called ghost... that's a different story again. The forgone conclusion of this project is: "For good or bad, there is no real magic in this world." And now I don't fear anything now. 

Down to Ashes! 

Sleep well!

Happy vacation!

The last turning point. 

Someone on fire!

Trying to look fearless while wearing fear (self timer).

The constitution of dead!

Throwing some light!

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